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Gas Membrane Market

North America is witnessing strong demand for gas separation membranes driven by mining applications and strengthening economic and industrial activities. Between 2018 and 2025, the region is estimated to project significant growth of 7.68%.


The 2019 growth insight on “Gas Membrane Market Outlook and Opportunities 2019- 2025” by OG Analysis identifies shifting energy dynamics, fluctuating refining and LNG markets, rapid adoption across versatile sectors including food and beverages, packaging, metallurgy, electronics and chemicals manufacturing as the key trends driving the gas membrane market over the forecast period.

The gas membrane market demand is largely inclining towards carbon dioxide (CO2) separation application

Gas transmission, processing and storage activities in the oil and gas industry mandate the removal of CO2 to avoid corrosion and damage to the equipment. CO2 separation membranes are showcasing wide use in the oil utilities, mainly LNG processing units with LNG trade forecast to increase to 300 million tonnes by 2025.

In addition, raising concerns of global warming and climatic change, regulatory challenges and budget constraints are encouraging most oil utility companies to opt for CO2 separation membranes to obtain high purity natural gas.


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Polymide and polyaramide materials dominate the global market due to demand from wide range of industrial verticals

Polyimide and polyaramide materials are set to drive the gas membrane market owing to wide use in applications pertaining to oxygen enrichment, hydrogen recovery and carbon dioxide removal. The demand is further augmented with excellent attributes of the materials including high selectivity, superior chemical and thermal resistance properties.


Processing and pharmaceuticals applications are expected to witness rapid demand growth for gas membranes

Processing and pharmaceuticals are forecast to remain the largest markets for gas membrane manufacturers and accordingly, an increasing number of vendors are focusing on customizing their products to cater these segments.

Production of pharmaceuticals requires chemical-free alternative for degasification of water to control content of CO2. CO2 separator gas membrane reduces the content of CO2 to obtain purified water with a conductivity of less than 1.3 ms/cm.

ISO certified and legendary quality membranes are widely adopted by versatile pharmaceutical applications including sterile filtration and removal of particle, precipitate or coagulate.


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Among gas membrane types, Hollow Fiber dominates the global market

Key Players in the market such as UBE Industries Ltd., Air Liquide Advanced Separations LLC and Air Products and Chemicals Inc. are focusing on offering hollow fibre gas membrane to their customers for diverse applications of separation and filtering. 

Gas membranes made using hollow fiber have largely opted for H2 recovery from refineries, dehydration of air, Co2 removal from natural gas and other end-user applications.


Gas membrane manufacturers focus primarily on Asia Pacific countries to generate new business

Owing to increase demand for captive and commercial hydrogen in emerging Asian markets, hydrogen-based applications are witnessing a rapid increase. In addition, strong demand for both CO2 removal and Nitrogen recovery & Oxygen enrichment applications are also contributing to the gas membrane market growth in the region. 

Further, Asia Pacific gas membrane market is characterized by a large number of small to medium domestic suppliers of membranes, primarily in China, South Korea and India.


Growing demand for innovative scale of applications is enticing gas membrane market

Companies are increasingly offering membrane-based desalination technologies and solutions to full-scale plants developed under Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), manufacturing and processing units and others.

Reliable and durable process gas membrane units are being designed for a wide scale of applications ranging from purification or recovery of waste gas streams to generation of a high quality product such as hydrogen, syngas, helium and others. These units can operate manually or automatic with flexibility of unattended operations regarding flow, purity and recovery of product.

Membranes with new materials and types are being synthesized and modified, for defect free applications under extreme temperatures. Highly hydrophobic DDR-type Zeolite membrane was synthesized on porous alpha-alumina tube for separation of CO2, Methane, Helium, Hydrogen, CO2/CH4 mixtures and others.


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Key companies operating in Global Gas Membrane Market

  • Air Products and Chemicals Inc

  • Atlas Copco AB

  • Evonik Industries AG

  • Honeywell Uop LLC

  • Parker-Hannifin Corporation

  • Schlumberger

  • UBE Industries Ltd

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