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Point Of Care Diagnostics Market size is rapidly emerging as a competitive market over the forecast period

Point Of Care Diagnostics Market size is rapidly emerging as a competitive market over the forecast period


Combinable, the growing ageing population, adults and infants with incurable-but-controllable chronic conditions significantly drives the point of care disease diagnostics market. POC diagnostics platform provides not only reducing symptoms devices but also enables new independence at-home treatment.

i-STAT continues to accelerate the point of care diagnostics market growth with Abbott released blood analyzing poc system rapidly being adopted as effective point of care in critical environments ranging from radiology and emergency departments.

To addressing the challenging task of drug delivery in chronic disease key players are collaborating with research institutes and key end users and paving way for strong market share

In 2018, Compumedics, Deakin University, and Diabetes Australia have been awarded a prestigious grant from victorian department of health and human services to deliver Compumedics designed unique point of care somfit health management platform. It measures continuous blood-glucose (HbA1c) coupled with a PSG-based, single, wearable, sensor with mobile sleep-management capabilities.

About Compumedics

Over a period of 25 years, Compumedics, based in Victoria, Australia has built extensive experience in providing Point of Care diagnostics technologies and is among the key point of care diagnostics market players.

Major players of point of care diagnostics market holding major market share include Abbott Laboratories, Accubiotech ,Becton, Dickinson, and Company, Chembio Diagnostics, Danaher Corporation, EKF Diagnostics, Instrumentation Laboratory, Johnson & Johnson, Nova Biomedical, PTS Diagnostics, Quidel, Roche Diagnostics, Sekisui Diagnostics, Siemens, and Trinity Biotech.

In 2019, Abbott launched  FDA approved Afinion HbA1c Dx assay rapid point-of-care HbA1c test to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

About Abbott

Abbott is among the key frontiers of point of care diagnostics market delivering advanced medical devices and posted 10.5% organic growth, rising to $3.08 billion. Abbott medical device contribution is focussed on more effective and less invasive solutions enabling healthcare providers and patients to reach out to faster recover and healthier lifestyle.

In 2018, Siemens Healthineers announced FDA approved blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and total carbon dioxide (TCO2) point-of-care tests to aid in the diagnosis of renal diseases and metabolic imbalances, which delivers quick & informed diagnoses and treatment decisions at the patient-side.

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